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We haven't heard much about natural rubber latex allergies in healthcare workers lately, but that doesn't mean it's a problem you can ignore. Non-latex gloves are not all the same. they vary in their barrier properties and the degree of protection they offer against exposure to infectious agents. The alternative glove materials to natural rubber latex are vinyl nitrile rubber, neoprene and artificial polysioprene from oil. Powder-free latex gloves generally have reduced levels of latex allergen, when compared with powdered latex gloves. A non-powdered glove still might contain very low levels of latex particulate, however.

Our products are highly stable, flexible and can be availed in different sizes & specifications. The speedy delivery of the products and their reasonable prices has contended the clients.

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Product Specification

Type:- Powdered or powder-free; Gamma ray or Eto sterilized and non-sterilized.

Material:- Nature high quality latex.

Design & Feature:-Hand specification; curved fingers; beaded cuff; natural to white; off white to yellow (powder-free); textured surface.

Storage:-The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in dry condition at temperature not higher then 30 C.

Shell-Life:- 5 Year from the date of manufacuring.

Glove Size:- 7.0 , 7.5 , 8.0

Quality Standards

> Conforms to ASTM D3577 and EN455 Standards.

> Manufactured under QSR (GMS), ISO9001:2008 Quality Management system and ISO 13485:2003

> using USP grade absorbable comm starch

> Sterilized by Gamma Ray Irradiation or EtO

> Bioburden and sterility tested

> Low protein reducing potential allergic reaction

> Polymer Coated

Surgical Gloves Feature

  • Extra strength provides protection from surgical debris
  • Fully automical design to reduce hand fetigue
  • Softness provides superior comfort and nature fit
  • Micro-roughened surface provide excellent and dry grip
  • Beaded cuff makes donning easy help prevent roll back
  • High strength and elesticity

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Top Glove Surgical Gloves are at the top of the range of quality protective gloves and are typically used by surgeons and operating room staffs.

Gloves are for protection and at the same time provide its users the comfort when performing their tasks. In terms of performance, latex glove are regarded as providing excellent elasticity and fitting.

Top Glove Dental health care personnel wear gloves to prevent contamination of their hands when touching mucous membranes, blood, saliva, or other potentially infectious materials and to reduce the likelihood that microorganisms on their hands will be transmitted to patients during dental patient-care procedures.

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